Colonel Adrian Morley US National Guard.

‘To whom it may concern.
I live in New Mexico, USA. I was in the United States Army Reserve and shot the South African National Matches in the mid 90’s. I met Norman Sander at that time. His boy was a shooter there too and I was impressed with Norman’s coaching and help he gave his boy. You can tell a lot about a man by his family. We became good friends and I made three more trips to South Africa. I spent time with Norman and Chris every time. My family and I stayed at his house. We travel all over South Africa and went on three hunts. Norman arranged lodging for us, set up hunts, arranged transportation and advised us on places to see. Both of us being involved in the military I was impressed with his pride and knowledge of the military. We have kept in touched now for 15 years and I am proud to call him my friend.

I understand that he has now established a travel service. I know he will do well. He knows South Africa inside and out. He has worked all over the country and can give you the best advice on any hunt or travel needs.

Norman has my permission to give my address and phone number to anyone planning to use his travel service. I will be glad to talk to them.

Adrian Morley’
Sergeant A Beltran French Para’s and Foreign Legion.
“Hi Norm
I know that you have an extreme ability to adapt to new situations so I am not worried for you, you will make things happen!!
Well, good luck old friend….
We stay in touch

“My name is Martin Mayer and I live in the surrounding of Frankfurt a. Main in Germany. I met Norman Sander – nicknamed Norman the 4man, due to his outstanding organizational skills – in the early 90ties through a very close common friend.

Since then, I have traveled South Africa some 15 times along with Norman. We have crossed almost the entire country; climbing mountains at the Cape, snorkeling and catching crayfish at the Natal coastline of the Indian Ocean, spending time in the beautiful game reserves – marveling at the wonders of nature, visiting historical sites exploring the interesting history of Southern Africa and its inhabitants and hunting in the Karroo. Not to forget the many Braais (South African BBQs) we did.

I took my girlfriend, my nowadays wife and a while later my father (who doesn’t like traveling) and a longterm friend of the family down to make them experience what I had experienced before – traveling with Norm. It was a very moving moment when my father thanked me that I had given him the unique opportunity.

Traveling with Norman means that all arrangements are safe and well organized and full of surprises the ordinary tourist will never experience – if one really is ready to come close to the heart and vibes of Southern Africa, Norm is the right guy to address to.

Norman infected me and in fact everyone who went on with him with a virus causing one to be boasting from love for South Africa and its people.

Best regards everyone

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